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Once Upon A Time…

I saw myself struggling with my own fears… Alone, searching for something I was not very sure existed, listening to a inside voice that kept me walking although I thought I was sleeping.

All I wanted was surrender, let go… My strength was weak, I could still stand up and look for sun, look for warmnes but each day felt more far away to find the direction of were I was walking

Searching on this path, my guru came along to find me shelter and so the tribe came together, my dearest guru who I want to share with you, as she’s the miracle we all deserve

There she is right on the center, the center of love, balance, healing, empowerment. She the one who guides us to the light, to the fire, to the joy of life, to the mission of our soul.

Once you fight, once you prove to yourself that you are capable then its time to find your soul tribe, stay together and start living through the power of unconditional love.

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